101 Daily 'Which One Doesn't Belong?' Graphics for Grades 1-8

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to engage students and spark mathematical thinking at the start of every class?

Which One Doesn’t Belong? (WODB) activities are a great way to instantly spark creative and critical student thinking that will last for the entire lesson.

WODB activities help your kids to develop reasoning skills, make logical arguments, express their ideas in words, and engage with visual mathematics—which ultimately leads to deeper and more meaningful understanding of challenging topics and concepts.

You can now share 101 daily WODB warm-up activities for grades 1-9 with your kids with this PDF ebook, which applies to topics including:

-ratios and proportions
-fractions and decimals
-properties of 2D and 3D figures
-basic operations
-solving equations and factoring
-order of operations
-writing expressions
-function tables
-area models
-real-world applications
-and much more!

Sometimes the best way to encourage creativity and exploration is simply posting a WODB image and asking your kids to think and write about which item does belong and to justify their viewpoint via small group or whole class discussions.

Note that this eBook does not include an answer key since WODB activities do not have a single correct answer. These graphics are designed to be interpreted in a variety of different ways in order to spark deep mathematical thinking and discussion—which is why they are perfect for warm-ups!

They are easy to project at the front of your classroom or print.

The eBook also includes a detailed explanation and examples of how to implement WODB activities with your kids.

Once you submit your order, you will receive a link to download the ebook.

Have fun!

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