L3 BTEC Sport Complete Flashcard Pack

Designed for both students and teachers alike, our flashcard pack is crammed with 90 pages of in-depth revision material designed in a way that ensures you navigate exam preparation with ease and confidence.

The pack looks in detail at the 5 systems assessed in the BTEC Sport Unit 1 Exam:

Skeletal System
Muscular System
Respiratory System
Cardiovascular System
Energy Systems

Learn about the structures, functions, responses, adaptions and additional factors for each system as laid out in the latest specification written by Pearson for L3 BTEC Sport.

Your Flashcard Pack's Key Features:

PowerPoint File for easy classroom use and printing.
90 Essential Exam Topics.
Keyword definitions, descriptions and explanations.
Relevant images and diagrams to aid retention.
100+ Exam style questions
Revision Checklists for each learning aim.

Whether printed off or downloaded locally, the flashcards are an ideal way to enhance your understanding of new topics and revitalise the memory of old ones.

Pick and choose the content you wish to study chunk by chunk, all the while marking the revision check-lists to track your progress from unsure, to almost, to got it!

We believe our BTEC Sport unit 1 Flashcard Pack, really is, an all inclusive solution to exam preparation.

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