Prima the Ballerina

Prima the Ballerina

Prima is an expressive young girl, with a wonderful imagination, a curious nature, and a big heart. Every page in this book can be turned into a game that captivates children, gets their bodies moving, and their imaginations going. This book is not only a wonderful story, it guides children (and parents) through wonderful dance movements and exercises. It is also meant to serve as a teachers’ guide for dance classes.

Nikki White is a professional ballerina and she is the author and her husband, Ethan White, sculpted the character. Prima is made out of clay with fully articulating joints that allow her to have the same range of motion as a real dancer. She demonstrates functional alignment and ideal ballet positions.

This book has characters which are handmade, drawn, and computer-generated giving it many layers. These encourage children to create their own clay Prima dolls, sock puppet snakes, and draw their own characters.

Happy Dancing!


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