A Year of Reflection: Guided Journaling with Erin Loechner

You're invited!

As a bestselling author, I'm often asked two things: what I'm reading, and what I'm writing. Today, and for the entirety of 2020, I'm offering a front-row seat to both.

Here's how it works:

Upon purchase, you'll receive an instant companion e-guide for how to make the most of “A Year of Reflection,” including:
-A short history of my own year-long reflective experiment
-The #1 no-fail strategy for aligning your body, mind, and heart
-An overview of the (2) most important questions to ask in 2020

Your one-time purchase grants you private access to weekly e-deliveries of all of my guided journaling sessions for 2020, including:
-Ongoing reflective prompts and meditative passages to shape your days for growth in every area: Family, Personal, Wellness, Spiritual, Home and Dreams (52 total, 1 delivered/week)
-At-your-own pace completion and archive via weekly email format

You’ll also get:
-Customized 8.5” x 11” printable planner pages for putting each journaling prompt into action
-Daily worksheets for on-the-go jotting, planning, and reflecting
-Advice, tips and prompts for integrating a reflective journaling practice that sticks – plus bonus themes on priorities, wisdom, meditations and more
-Perpetual calendar system with date write-in allows you to begin using your Year of Reflection sheets at any time

Ready to refresh & renew your purpose throughout all of 2020?

Enjoy your companion e-guide with bonus planning sheets today, and get excited - our first guided journaling session starts Monday!

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