101 Growth Mindset Quotes for Kids

Could your kids use some daily motivation to learn new things?

Are you looking to help your kids develop a Growth Mindset for learning?

Sharing a daily inspiring “quote of the day” is the perfect way to remind your kids that it’s ok to make mistakes and that failing is just a stepping-stone along the way to learning new things. Quotes are a great way to spark discussion and emphasize the value of taking on challenges, being persistent, and never giving up!

You can now share 101 Daily Growth Mindset Quotes for Kids in your home and in your classroom. This PDF eBook shares 101 full-page quote graphics that are printable and perfect for displaying.

The book includes quotes from influential historical and modern day figures such as:

-Albert Einstein
-Michael Jordan
-J.K. Rowling
-Steve Harvey
-Eleanor Roosevelt
-Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
-Ellen DeGeneres
-Barack Obama
-Jedi Master Yoda
-Taylor Swift
-Kid President
-Thomas Edison
-Oprah Winfrey
-Neil DeGrasse Tyson
-Arianna Grande
-Serena Williams
-And many many more!

These quotes are perfect for Growth Mindset discussions, bulletin boards, and “quote of the day” activities.

Once you submit your order, you will receive a link to download the eBook.

So, which quote will be your kids’ favorite?

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