Unveiling Curriculum

Let’s be honest. There are issues that young women are dealing with and no one is talking about them. Girls are too ashamed to bring them up, and youth leaders don’t know what to say, so no one is saying anything. It’s time. It’s time to be frank, and talk about the secret issues. The Unveiling curriculum empowers and walks youth leaders through how to talk about these issues in a direct, relevant, and non-judgmental way. The curriculum will help bring depth, vulnerability, and freedom to young women like they have never experienced.

An easy to follow, nine week, step-by-step curriculum for female youth workers that is entertaining, relevant and thought provoking. Rather than filling in the blanks, the curriculum uses experiential learning, videos and discussions. All learning modalities are implemented so everyone will benefit from the curriculum. The curriculum will enable youth workers to address hard topics and it will be a vehicle to create a safe environment for teen girls to open up and be honest about their struggles.

What’s Included?
- Facilitator guide
- Participant guide
- Digital downloads folder with:
- 25 videos
- Activity sheets
& Extra handout files

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