Representation Matters for Women of Color in Media Kit

Representation matters because the portrayals of women of color in media not only affect how others see them, but it affects how they see themselves. When people are represented, it sends a message that everyone has a place in this world.

Media provides the seeds under which these things make sense to people because they've seen multiple images of 'Latinas as housemaids,' 'Asian women as invisible,' or 'black women with eyes rolling and head swinging,' so it is so easy to exploit. These images are carried into other social infrastructures such as our workplaces.

Unconscious bias training alone is not enough to debias the workplace. Ongoing education and conversations to mitigate biases at work are critical to your diversity, equity, and inclusion mission. The Representation Matter for Women of Color in Media Toolkit helps check the blind spots of leadership and management teams and can be used for onboarding new talent.

This program can be presented to small groups and large organizations and can be used as a training tool for onboarding new talent or developing leadership skills.

This kit features a 29-page facilitator training manual, a slide deck, three educational videos,
and a feedback form to survey your participants.

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