Beginner 12 Week Half Marathon Training Plan


So you've decided to run a half marathon, eh?

Great! It's a huge accomplishment. It's one step below a full marathon - which takes a whole other level of commitment - but it's lightyears beyond simply running a 5k or a 10k.

If you're a beginner shopping for half marathon plans, this is the one for you.

If you've run a 5k and you can string together a few easy miles, you're in a perfect place to start training for a half marathon. You'll need to increase your mileage considerably and run longer, but with twelve weeks you'll be able to do that.

This beginner 12 week half marathon training plan will walk you through the necessary increases. You'll run 4 days per week, starting at 3-4 miles per run.

The main focus of increasing will be your long run on the weekend. This can happen on Saturday or Sunday, but it's important that this dedicated long run extend to 10 miles.

Overall, you'll start by running about 10 miles per week. By the end of the plan, you'll be running about 20 miles per week.

The plan is designed to help you finish a half marathon - not finish one at a specific pace. As such, there aren't any real "workouts" in here. You're new, and your body will need to adapt to running at a higher volume, so you shouldn't be incorporating a lot of hard workout sessions.

If you want to run a faster half marathon, you should finish this plan first - so you're ready to run 13.1 miles - and then work on an intermediate or advanced plan that will focus on developing your speed and endurance. Running is a long game, and there are no shortcuts.

It's a (half) marathon, not a sprint. Pun intended. ;)

And don't forget about recovery. After you get in shape for your half and finish your race, you'll want to take a week of time off and/or easy running. You should probably take one or two days fully off, and then plan on going for a few easy runs throughout the week.

Once you're recovered, you'll be all set to build on your success and train for a better and faster half next time.

This plan is brought to you by Running with Rock. Check out the blog for more tips about running, as well as reviews of the running gear that will help get you across the finish line in your first half.

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