Skugal ERP and APP

Skugal ERP is a seamless and effective way of integrating the various information about your child, making it extremely easy to keep track of his/her growth as a student. Skugal ERP thrives on making it effortless to access any sort of specific information using features of Skugal such as a student’s attendance record or academic performance. It’s an effective database that makes our iAttendance, iNotify, iTracking, iManage, iPayment and iProfiling feature work in perfect synchronization.

Get real-time notifications about the whereabouts of your child
AI-based tracking that lets you know about all stops made by the driver
Cloud-based storage to keep data safe and secure
One point solution to all your schooling needs
Go paperless with Skugal and its wide array of features
Skugal ERP is efficient, time-saving and its AI makes sure those who’ve paid school fees are not bothered by unnecessary notifications
Skugal ERP uses Big Data and AI to construct accurate student profiles which help to better understand the academic progress of a student.
Fees management
Print outs
No data entry
Parents management
Teachers management, class switching,
Driver management in transport

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