Turtle Walking (Flânerie) Print


In 1800's Paris it became fashionable for people to walk a pet turtle to set a slower pace--to stop and notice the colorful details of life.

Flânerie is the art of walking slowly without a hurry, strolling, sauntering.

I used to have this word washi taped in my room to remind me to slow down and pay attention to my life. Now, I've got this darling Turtle Walking print to remind me.

My graphic designer, Aaron Campbell, sketched this for me, on a whim, while working on the chapter "Look for a Lovely Thing," in which I discuss the concept of flânerie. It's so loved by those who have seen it--so we decided we wanted to share it with the world.

DOWNLOAD includes an 8x10 .PDF file to print. Frame it, make it a canvas or tack it to your wall with washi tape.

Upon purchase the file will be e-mailed directly to your inbox.

*Artwork created by Camby Designs
© 2022 Trina McNeilly. All rights reserved

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