Preparation Handbook

Overland Ryan

Planning Tools to prepare for nearly anything

One Topic per Page

Each page focuses on one topic. It is designed to save your time and make this complicated subject easy to digest.

Levels of Preparedness

Topics have levels that build upon each other.

Level 1 - One month

Level one will help you get to the point of survival for one month if the world grinds to a halt. Having this base supply will help through minor hiccups in everyday life.
Level 1 may also refer to a good starting point, something everyone can do with little effort and monetary outflow.

Level 2 - Three to Six months

Level two gets you up to a 3 to 6 month supply.
 Enough to weather a layoff or significant incident such as a pandemic or catastrophic weather event.

Level 3 - One year

Level three will see you through 1 year.
 Anyone can attain this level by planning and by stocking up on critical supplies. Use your communities to plan and cooperate on big projects.

Level 4 - Perpetual

Level four is an endless supply of necessary items. Attaining this level of stability will require working within your communities and family to produce food, income, and other supplies.

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