Craft Your Purpose, Vision, Mission Statements / Workbook by Motto

Your purpose, vision, and mission statements are two of the most simple and effective governance tools you can have when you commit to using them to guide your organization’s work.

This 17 page PDF provides guidance on how to craft inspiring Purpose, Vision and Mission statements to use as the foundation from which to build or rebuild your company. With real example statements, you will learn how to craft a strong purpose, inspiring vision and clear mission statement.

Who should be involved in this process?

Some companies choose to involve employees to help them feel more engaged, while others leave it to the leadership. There isn’t a right or wrong way. If you choose to just involve a few key leaders, they are ultimately responsible for rallying your entire company.

Once clearly defined, you'll be better suited to operate and behave in a way that will align with your purpose, mission and vision.

No Refunds.

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